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The Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce has been building a stronger economy and a better business community since 1919. Today's agenda is more exciting than ever, offering a wide variety of programs, events, and sponsorship opportunities. Chamber volunteers and staff work hard to bring quality programs, relevant to today's business world, to our members. We invite you to look through our website or give us a call at 620-662-3391 to see if a membership with our Chamber is the right fit for you!

If the Chamber didn't, then who would:

  • Serve as the 'front door' and 'welcome mat':
    • Every day, the Chamber and the Greater Hutchinson Convention/Visitors Bureau respond to those looking for services and products in Hutchinson/Reno County. Thousands of people receive a warm welcome as they stop by, call or e-mail to find out more about Hutchinson and Reno County.
  • Provide an informative, helpful, community website:
    • The Chamber has a comprehensive website that people from all around the world can visit to learn about the opportunities to live, work and do business here. The site averages over 16,000 visits a year, which helps generate traffic to member's websites monthly.
  • Work to bring thousands of customers and millions of dollars to Reno County through conventions, trade shows and sporting events:
    • The Greater Hutchinson Convention/Visitors Bureau arm of the Chamber travels Kansas and the Midwest extolling the benefits here to organizations, associations, and travel industry news makers. These efforts, along with other marketing activities result in more than 2 million visitors coming here each year.

There are strength in numbers.
The more of us there, the louder our voice, the greater our accomplishments.

Joining together is Good for Business. Good for You!