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Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Week

What is Reno County Restaurant Week?

Organized by the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce, Restaurant Week is a 5-day dining event that showcases a variety of Chamber member restaurant and food establishments throughout the Hutchinson/Reno County area. Participating restaurants provide a pre-determined, 3-course value added lunch and/or dinner menu.  The event not only introduces new customers to restaurants, but also enhances the economic vitality of the community.

When is Restaurant Week?

Dates for the 2018 Restaurant Week will be announced soon!

When will the pre-determined menus be revealed?

Check back soon for dates and more information on the 2018 Restaurant Week.

Who participates in Reno County Restaurant Week?

The event is open to any Chamber Member restaurant in Reno County.  The event will feature an array of well-known restaurants that will provide a one-of-a-kind menu during this week only!

How does a guest take part in Restaurant Week?

Dining participation is open to everyone.  There are no passes, tickets or coupons.  Instead, diners simply visit their favorite participating restaurants or try a new one throughout the week to enjoy the special pre-determined menus.

Will the menus vary?

Yes!  Reno County Restaurant Week brings together a variety of diverse culinary menus.

Is there a lunch option?

Yes! There are menus available at three price points for both lunch and dinner!

Do you have to order off of the pre-set menu during Restaurant Week?

No - all participating restaurants will be offering their standard menus as well.  Diners may order from the standcard menu, but to capitaize on the specials for Restaurant Week you must order from the pre-set menu.